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Box 2, Folder 4, Document 18

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WHEREAS, the City has just completed a Community Facilities Plan which
indicates the need and desirable location for many capital projects throughout the

City, and

WHEREAS, the City expects to complete a transportation plan in the near
future in conjunction with the five county region and the State Highway Department

of Georgia, and

WHEREAS, this transportation plan will indicate the need and desirable
location for new and improved transportation facilities throughout the City and the

region, and

WHEREAS, the City has engaged in a capital improvement programming
effort for a number of years and has become increasingly effective in this activity,


WHEREAS, for the first time a means of financing a limited amount of

capital improvements on a continuing basis has become available, and

WHEREAS, the implementation of plans and projects to reach the City's goals
and objectives requires adequate financing and continuing scheduling according to

realistic priorities as well as close coordination.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that those departments and agencies
of the City of Atlanta aiding in preparation of the 1969-1973 Capital Improvement
Program make every possible effort to ensure that their projects and proposals for
the coming five-year program reflect accurately and realistically their goals,
objectives and plans as expressed in the Community Facilities Plan and the soon

to be completed Transportation Plan.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this effort be on a comprehensive, continuing,

coordinated and cooperative basis.


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