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1201-B CITY HALL PHONE 522-4463 - EX. 437 ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30303

Jerry Luxemburger, Chairman

John W. Cox, Executive Director

December 9, 1969

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.

City of Atlanta

City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mayor Allen:

There have been several delays which have prevented the Atlanta
Children and Youth Services Council from being able to present

the names of our proposed Chairman and 2 Vice Chairmen to you
until this time. However, we have now secured what we consider an
excellent slate and would like to seek your approval so that they
may begin serving as soon as possible. We realize that it is also
necessary for these officers to be approved by the Board of Alder-
men, but since we have a Board meeting scheduled for Thursday,
December 11, we would appreciate your signifying that they take
office at this time.

Clarence Elsas has agreed to serve as Chairman, Fletcher Coombs,
who has been our treasurer, and DeJongh Franklin have agreed to
serve as Vice Chairmen. Although you do not need to appoint the
balance of the Executive Committee, we would like for you to know
that they are: Horace Sibley as Secretary, Jerry Luxemburger,
John Cox, and myself, as members-at-large.

Because the terms of these proposed members of the Executive Com-
mittee have expired, it will also be necessary to re-appoint
Clarence Elsas, DeJongh Franklin, Jerry Luxemburger and Horace
Sibley for another one (1) year term. John Cox is among the new
board members to be appointed and has already been nominated in
this capacity by the Youth Council Board in October.

We are asking at this time, only for your indication of approval
before the Board meeting on Thursday, December 11 and will sub-

mit the entire list for formal approval in the immediate future.
With warmest personal regards,

(Mrs)/ Rhodes L. Perdue

Acting Chairman

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