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1201-B CITY HALL PHONE 522-4463 - EX. 437 ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30303

Jerry Luxemburger, Chairman

John W. Cox, Executive Director

December 8, 1969

Mr. William Allison
Executive Director


101 Marietta Street, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Bill:

This is to express some very serious concerns regarding the Rodent
Control Program for the City of Atlanta.

As Director of this project, I find it extremely difficult to
effect a meaningful program due to internal flaws, inflexibilities
and misconceptions by the various agencies concerned. Perhaps a
little history may be in order.

The Community Development Aide Project was funded by the Depart-
ment of HEW, such funds being designated ‘to the City of Atlanta.

The City of Atlanta, in turn, designated EOA as the agency who will
receive such funds. This does not mean, nor has it ever meant, that
this is an EOA project exclusively or an EOA delegate agency; this
simply means that EOA's responsibility in this project has been

the administrative input necessary for effective program imple-

The City Sanitation Division also co-sponsored this project with
specific responsibilities accepted by them as an equal to EOA,
Atlanta Youth Council and all other sponsors and co-sponsors.

Most of the agencies participating in this project have been flexi-
ble enough to make sufficient input and provide sufficient re-
sources to move the project effectively at this point in time.
However, some of us are still laboring under long-range and irrele-
vant concepts which tend to hamper and render ineffective any
progress in this area.

As Director of the Rodent Control Project, I am requesting that
you use the influence of your office to insure that such short
comings be effectively dealt with and eliminated.


Penis Ll
Lewis F. Dinkins
Project Director

cc: Dr. Hackney
Ralph Hulsey
Johnny Johnson
Dan Sweat?
Jim Westbrooks
Harold Barrett


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