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February 25, 1969

Mr. John T, Edmunds

Regional Administrator for
Renewal Assistance

Department of Housing and
Urban Development

645 Peachtree-Seventh Building

Atlanta, Georgia 30323

Dear Mr. Edmunds:

Subject: Transmittal of Final Documents
Youth Opportunity Program Prepared by
Atlanta Children and Youth Services Council
Not to exceed $45,000

We are transmitting herewith the final documents developed by

the Atlanta Children and Youth Services Council for the Youth “
Opportunity Program. ‘This was included as part of the Atlanta
Community Improvement Program budget for 1968 in Amendatory
Application #2.

Chkidren and Youth Services Council relative to continuing the
Youth Opportunity Program:

1. That the Council be allowed continued use of those
federal funds approved in Amendatory Application #2,
which have not be ee =. <W this . ro Ta
other words, in the one od from
February 21, 1968 to tel 21° “To 9, only $21,385
of the original $30,000 have been used for this
project, leaving a residual of $8,615 in federal funds.

We have been requested to relay several requests of the Atianta |




Mr. John T. Edmunds
Page Two
February 25, 1969


That the Council's original scope of services
as shown in Amendatory Application #2 be
reaffirmed and extended in time for 1969 by
HUD. This action would be in liew of the
Council having to submit a new scope of
services in another Amendatory Application for
1969, and

In addition to the above, the Council requests
additional federal funds from HUD for the Youth
Opportunity Program for 1969 in the amount of
$30,000. The Council again would provide the
necessary $15,000 in local non-cash contributions,

We would appreciate your review and concurrence in the above



Sincerely yours,

Collier B. Gladin
Planning Director

ce: HUD Area Coordinator

Aldermen Rodney M, Cook
R. Earl Landers
Charlies Davis

Dan Sweat
John Cox





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