Civic Leadership Activity 3: Reading a Photograph

Target Audience for Activity: Grades 6-12


  • Students will learn to analyze historical figures.
  • Students will learn to research historical figures.
  • Students will practice journalistic writing.


Ivan Allen Jr. was one of the most photographed men in Atlanta 's history. Four photographs from his career are included with in this Teacher's Guide.

Topic 1: From Snapshot to Story in Five Easy Steps

This activity can be done together with the entire class, smaller student groups, or individually.

Select a photograph.  Answer the following questions.  Use the answers to write a headline and short newspaper article about the event or activity:

  1. WHO or what is in the photograph?
  2. WHAT is happening in the photograph?
  3. WHEN was the photograph taken? What clues in the photograph help you determine the time period?
  4. WHERE was the photograph taken?
  5. WHY was the photograph taken?

Topic 2: "...and that's the rest of the story."

After reading a brief explanation of one of the four photographs, each student will have the opportunity to research the subject further.

  • Photograph 1: Ivan Allen Jr. being awarded the "Silver Antelope" in 1950 for his service to the Atlanta Area Council of Boy Scouts.
  • Photograph 2: Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. rushed Coretta Scott King to the airport after learning that Martin Luther King Jr. had died.
  • Photograph 3: Ivan Allen Jr. hitting the first ball for the Atlanta Braves in Fulton-County Stadium.
  • Photograph 4: The Ivan Allen Company showing support for Ivan Allen Jr., who had recently been drafted into the Army during World War II.