Georgia Tech Activity 2: Learn and Earn College Bowl

Target Audience for Activity: Grades 6-12


  • Students will learn about careers earned through higher education.
  • Students will learn about the Ivan Allen College.


LEARN about the Ivan Allen College: the Liberal Arts College of Georgia Tech and EARN an Ivan Allen "legacy diploma." Let's see how much you know about this Georgia Tech College. Some questions have more than one answer. You will earn one point for each correct answer. [If you need a little help, go to]

  • Earn 5 points and you will earn an Ivan Allen certificate.
  • Earn 10 points and you will earn an Ivan Allen minor.
  • Earn 15 points and you will receive an Ivan Allen "legacy" diploma.
  • Earn 20 points and you will receive an Ivan Allen "master legacy" diploma.
  • Earn 25 points and you will receive an Ivan Allen "doctor of legacy" diploma.

Learn and Earn - Ivan Allen College Bowl Questions

  1. Which Ivan Allen School offers a degree in science, technology and culture?
  2. Name one of the foreign languages taught in the Ivan Allen College.
  3. Who is Sam Nunn?
  4. Which Ivan Allen College Schools offer a joint degree with the School of Modern Languages?
  5. Which School offers a minor in philosophy?
  6. Which School offers courses in African American studies and Asian affairs?
  7. Name five cities and the country for each in which you study abroad through the Ivan Allen College. (earn an extra point for the School offering the program OR language OR country)
  8. Which Schools offer minors and certificates in addition to bachelor level degrees?
  9. In which School would you learn about interactive game design?
  10. Which School has research projects on the political use of the Internet and the causes of homelessness?