News Makers Activity 4: Read All About It!

Target Audience for Activity: Grades 4-12


  • Students will analyze the world around them.
  • Students will analyze data and draw conclusions.
  • Students will learn critical thinking skills.


Have students create and conduct a survey of their classmates, parents, and other friends. The goal of the survey is to determine: How do you learn about the world around you? Some of the questions should include:

  1. What are your sources of news?
    • Newspapers (which one)?
    • Television (which station)?
    • Radio (which station)?
    • Internet (which site)?
    • Other people?
    • Organization newsletters?

  2. What types of news interest you?
    • Neighborhood?
    • Town/City/County?
    • National?
    • International?

Encourage students to draft additional questions. Have them compile the results of the survey to determine the most popular news outlets. Results can be further categorized by age and gender.