A Tradition of Civic Leadership

Ivan Allen Jr. in his Office

Target Audience for this Unit: Grades K-12

"I want to enhance the business area of the city. . . and I want to continue to present Atlanta to the nation as a fine city in which to live and do business."
- Ivan Allen Jr.

Ivan Allen Jr. is just one of the many men and women who have helped shaped Atlanta 's rich history. He was elected student body president at Georgia Tech during college, served as mayor of Atlanta in the 1960s, and led the Atlanta business community through his association with many community organizations.

Unit Outline

  1. CL Activity 1: Civic Leaders [Grades K-12]
  2. CL Activity 2: You Can Quote Me On That [Grades [6-12]
  3. CL Activity 3: Reading a Photograph [Grades 6-12]