Civic Leadership Activity 1: Civic Leaders

Target Audience for Activity: Grades K-12


  • Students will learn about Ivan Allen Jr.'s leadership in Atlanta.
  • Students will learn how leaders demonstrate positive character traits.
  • Students will explore how they can become good citizens and civic leaders.
  • Students will learn about community organizations through an art project.


  • Computer with Internet access
  • For Topic 2: Community poster and quilt activity: paper or muslin, markers

Every community has civic leaders who have helped improve the quality of life and services for local citizens. Learning about these leaders can inspire others to become involved in shaping the future of their own towns and cities. Students may work in groups or individually.

Ivan Allen was a leader in several Atlanta community organizations:

  • President - Community Chest (predecessor of United Way)
  • President - Atlanta Area Council of Boy Scouts of America
  • President - Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
  • Chairman, Board of Trustees - Atlanta Arts Alliance (now the Woodruff Arts Center)

Topic 1: Find out more about each of these four community organizations.

  • What does each organization do?
  • How has the organization recognized the contributions of Ivan Allen Jr.?
  • Which of these organizations would you want to be a part of? Why? What job or activity would you like to do with the organization?
  • Invite a member of the organization to talk to your class.

Topic 2: What community organizations are in your community?

  • Have each student make a poster of his/her favorite community organization.
  • Make a class quilt of Atlanta community organizations.

Topic 3: What are the characteristics of a civic leader?

  • What makes a good civic leader?
  • Identify civic leaders in your community?
  • Invite a civic leader to talk with the class.
    • Possible guests: mayor, school board member, state representative or senator in your district, leaders of community organizations.
    • Ask guest to describe their job and responsibilities as a civic leader
    • Ask guest to talk about how a person can become a civic leader